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Wall Graphics: WallGecko Custom walls for office & retail interiors

Reinforce your firm's brand message to inspire customers and collegues with eye-catching and thought-provoking wall graphics for spaces large and small.

Exclusive to Daftbug Branding Co., WallGecko will transform any space to communicate your brand vision, to encourage and inspire. Images are custom printed and cut on a durable, self-adhesive material that is more fabric than vinyl giving that extra quality feel, allowing for a quicker and more mess-free install than custom wallpaper options that require pasting.

It is so easy to remove that it can be installed for a day or a decade. WallGecko does not leave any residue upon removal and the 100% polyester material does not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle so with each subsequent re-application it appears brand new.

This premium product comes with a class A fire safety rating and is lead and phthalates free making it a more enviromentally friendly choice.

Office interior Wall branding


Inspire and empower your colleagues with an impressive office interior courtesy of WallGecko. Stimulate imaginations with creative breakout areas and meeting rooms, brighten a dull elevator with an uplifting image to start the day on the right foot and encourage a rest and recharge in canteen areas.

Enhance an uninspiring rented office space with your brand message without the risk of marking the walls upon removal, when moving on to bigger and better things.

Retail store Wall decor


Custom feature walls have a perfect application in the ever popular pop-up shop space. The temporary nature of this type of retail environment requires clever and cost-effective decor choices.

Traditional retail settings can also benefit from WallGecko's features, with the installation of both permanent store decor as well as seasonal displays and promotions. The robust nature of WallGecko means that it is also suitable for retail staff to remove and install point of sale around the retail store, without the need for external fitters on-site. WallGecko can be cut to any shape allowing for the creation of interesting point of sale that can be easily changed.

Hotel,restaurant & pub Feature Wall


The hospitality sector can benefit greatly from WallGecko, whether it is for full feature walls to create ambiance in your pub, hotel bar or restaurant, or custom graphics that staff can apply and remove with ease - showcasing offers or sports fixtures as they change with the seasons.

WallGecko allows you to add bespoke backdrops to hotel conference rooms for long or short-term projects and remove without leaving any residue on the walls after the project is finished. A custom wall backdrop adds to the impact for the clients as they enter the room.

Create a serene and relaxing enviroment in your hotel or spa by bringing the outside in, with WallGecko seascapes or landscape feature walls.

Gyms, Yoga, & Wellness custom walls 


Adding insiprational images and messages to studio walls is a great way of improving to health and wellbeing spaces such as gyms, spin rooms or yoga and pilates studios.

Using images with a deep perspective and a large depth of field can create the illusion of space to help reduce the enclosed feeling found in smaller gyms.

In wellness studios the premium finish of WallGecko adds to the message and feeling of quality that your brand is portraying to clients. 

Event & Exhibition creative walls

WallGecko is an ideal option to transform an event space to create whatever theme is required. The adhesive is gentle on the surface it is adhered to, it can be removed without the risk of damaging the event space while giving the WOW factor to your client's event.

The fabric finish gives a low-glare surface that is not effected by the spot lighting in the way traditional vinyl is, making sure your client's logo and message is visible to all attendees, while giving a higher quality finish due to the premium material choice.

For exhibition booth wall branding, WallGecko can be used with ease. It can be applied on set-up by the exhibitor without any previous experience as it does not get damaged with multiple removals and reinstallations.

Premium Quality

Premium polyester fabric wall covering 

Quick Turnaround

Fast Install - no interuptions to business

Superior Service

Bespoke service with dedicated contact 

Daftbug Branding Co. believes in creating partnerships that make your company stand out from the crowd and your life easier. As a multi-product supply company we work extensively to help you deliver exceptional brand image. With over a decade of experience serving corporate clients, we have come to understand the bespoke requirements you may have.

All of our production is in-house at our Dublin HQ which allows for full control of all aspects of your brief.

You can leave it to us, your branding sidekick, safe in the knowledge that we have it in hand.




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