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T-Shirt Printing: Quality Screen Printed T-Shirts

Daftbug Branding Co. has been producing custom clothing from the very first day we opened our doors, starting with our own uniforms! We offer both screenprinting and embroidery. 

Screen printing is a historic method of printing, made famous in the 60's when Andy Warhol produced his vibrant Marilyn Monroe portraits. By the end of that decade the first screen printer was invented and patented for t-shirt printing. The technique uses a screen with a fine mesh through which ink is forced with a squeegee leaving behind on the garment the stencil design. Today there are various types of screen printing inks available which provide distinct feeling garments. At Daftbug Branding Co. we offer a range of inks and are happy to advise which will suit your requirements.



Screen Printing

Screen printing is typically used for large runs of garments, our minimum run is 25 pieces and the sky's the limit after that. One colour prints are more budget friendly however our machines can easily handle designs with up to 8 colours. Pantone matching is also offered to be sure the colour is on brand.

Print Technology

We have invested heavily in our screen printing equipment over the years, so are well placed to handle any job you require. We have automatic and manual presses, a large forced-air dryer and a folding and packing machine.

We can fold and bag t-shirts individually for easy onward distribution.

Plastisol Print

Plastisol ink is the more traditional screen printing ink used in most concert merch tees, Although the ink is heavier on the shirt the colour pops more on dark shirts. Inks are mixed in-house and can be pantone matched 100%. All the screen cleaning products used are eco friendly to reduce the impact on the enviroment.

Waterbased & Discharge Print

Water based ink gives a much softer feel when printed as the ink becomes part of the fabric when dried giving a much softer hand over Plastisol.

For darker shirts discharge ink can be used to remove the dye from the cotton exposing the plain cotton colour and then re-coloured with the ink pigment to leave the design on dark shirt a very soft print after the first wash, as the ink is part of the shirt rather than sitting on top.


Screen printing is the best option for any bulk order garments such as for:

Charity Runs

Sports Events

Obstacle Course Races




Technical T-Shirts

Safety HiVis Vests


Premium Quality

Premium screen printed t-shirts

Quick Turnaround

Printed in Dublin HQ

Superior Service

Bespoke service with dedicated contact 

Daftbug Branding Co. believes in creating partnerships that make your company stand out from the crowd and your life easier. As a multi-product supply company we work extensively to help you deliver exceptional brand image. With over a decade of experience serving corporate clients, we have come to understand the bespoke requirements you may have.

All of our production is in-house at our Dublin HQ which allows for full control of all aspects of your brief.

You can leave it to us, your branding sidekick, safe in the knowledge that we have it in hand.




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