But don’t fret, the same excellent service is still here we have simply rebranded as DaftBug Branding!

DaftBug Branding is the brainchild of our Chief Executive Bug, (see what we did there!), Andrew McCabe.

Andrew is no stranger to the world of business having run his own company since completing school. Over the course of several years at the helm, he noticed some recurring difficulties getting branded gear for his company. The main one being he could not get all of the items he wanted in one place, a one stop branding shop, if you will.
Custom t-shirts, fleet branding and business print; any and all of the things required by business to market themselves, had to be sourced from different suppliers.

Andrew wasn’t having any of this, so decided to start doing it himself starting, first with uniforms.
A manual screen printer and single head embroidery machine started the empire! A lover of machinery, Andrew’s collection soon started to grow to cater for all of his business needs. This ultimately grew as he began to cater for local businesses.

The rest, as they say, is history! So here at DaftBug today, we are just what Andrew envisioned all those years ago, a one stop branding shop, with the main focus on screen printing.

Keep an eye on our site, particularly on this blog where we hope to educate and inform you on all things print.
Connect with us on social media and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

All the best!

The DaftBug Team 🙂