Here are some of the answers

Here are some of the questions that you may have about screen printing, a lot of other people have asked too!

What is the turn around time?
The turn around time depends on many factors; stock of garment chosen, the design to be printed, and the quantity required. It can range from a couple of days to a week depending on your requirements. Contact us to get an exact turn around time.

What is the cheapest tee to print?
The cheapest t-shirt to print is a white t-shirt, due to the fact that you get very vibrant colours without the cost of a white underbase needed on a dark shirt. It’s the ideal way to get more bang for your buck!

Is there an additional cost to print second side?
There is a cost for every position and colour printed with screen printing as one side is printed, cured and then the shirt is put back on the press to print the second side under a new screen.

Can I get a one-off printed samples?
Due to the nature of screen printing, unfortunately we cannot produce one-off samples of your design as there is a screen set up process for each print run, one or one thousand t-shirts has the same set up time requirements. We do however have sample shirts with similar prints that we can show you how the end product will look. Visual mock-ups are used to show where your design will be positioned.

Is there a minimum order with screen printing?
Yes, there is a minimum of 25 pieces per order but you can mix sizes within this. This minimum is due to the fact that a screen has to be made for each colour in your design, so orders under this amount are uneconomical, we recommend starting a little higher than this number in order to get better value.

Is DaftBug a V.A.T registered company?
Yes we are a fully registered Irish company that issues V.A.T receipts with your order.

Is DaftBug the most fantastic, fastest and friendliest custom t-shirt printer in all the land?

These are some of the questions we get asked regularly but should you have one of your own please call us and we will answer it for you directly.


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